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    Mennella, Aniello and Ade, Peter and Amico, Giorgio and Auguste, Didier and Aumont, Jonathan and Banfi, Stephano and Barbaràn, Gustavo and Battaglia, Paola and Battistelli, Elia and Baù, Alessandro and Bélier, Benoit and Bennett, D. and Bergé, Laurent and Bernard, Jean Philippe and Bersanelli, Marco and Bigot Sazy, Marie Anne and Bleurvacq, Nathan and Bonaparte, Juan and Bonis, Julien and Bunn, Emory F. and Burke, David and Buzi, Daniele and Buzzelli, Alessandro and Cavaliere, Francesco and Chanial, Pierre and Chapron, Claude and Charlassier, Romain and Columbro, Fabio and Coppi, Gabriele and Coppolecchia, Alessandro and D’Agostino, Rocco and D’Alessandro, Giuseppe and De Bernardis, P. and de Gasperis, G. and De Leo, Michele and De Petris, Marco and Di Donato, Andres and Dumoulin, Louis and Etchegoyen, Alberto and Fasciszewski, Adrián and Franceschet, Christian and Gamboa Lerena, Martin Miguel and Garcia, Beatriz and Garrido, Xavier and Gaspard, Michel and Gault, Amanda and Gayer, Donnacha and Gervasi, Massimo and Giard, Martin and Giraud Héraud, Yannick and Gómez Berisso, Mariano and González, Manuel and Gradziel, Marcin and Grandsire, Laurent and Guerard, Eric and Hamilton, Jean Christophe and Harari, Diego and Haynes, Vic and Henrot Versillé, Sophie and Hoang, Duc Thuong and Holtzer, Nicolas and Incardona, Federico and Jules, Eric and Kaplan, Jean and Korotkov, Andrei L. and Kristukat, Christian and Lamagna, Luca and Loucatos, Sotiris and Louis, Thibaut and Lowitz, Amy and Lukovic, Vladimir and Luterstein, Raùl Horacio and Maffei, Bruno and Marnieros, Stefanos and Masi, Silvia and Mattei, Angelo and May, Andrew and McCulloch, Mark and Medina, Maria Clementina and Mele, Lorenzo and Melhuish, Simon J. and Montier, Ludovic and Mousset, Louise and Mundo, Luis Mariano and Murphy, John Anthony and Murphy, James David and O’Sullivan, Creidhe and Olivieri, Emiliano and Paiella, Alessandro and Pajot, Francois and Passerini, Andrea and Pastoriza, Hernan and Pelosi, Alessandro and Perbost, Camille and Perciballi, Maurizio and Pezzotta, Federico and Piacentini, Francesco and Piat, Michel and Piccirillo, Lucio and Pisano, Giampaolo and Plenta, Gianluca and Prêle, Damien and Puddu, Romberto and Rambaud, Damien and Ringegni, Pablo and Romero, Gustavo E. and Salatino, Maria and Schillaci, Alessandro and Scóccola, Claudia G. and Scully, Stephen P. and Spinelli, Sebastiano and Stankowiak, Guillaume and Stolpovskiy, Michail and Suarez, Federico and Tartari, Andrea and Thermeau, Jean Pierre and Timbie, Peter and Tomasi, Maurizio and Torchinsky, Steve A. and Tristram, Matthieu and Tucker, Carole E. and Tucker, Gregory S. and Vanneste, Sylvain and Viganò, Daniele and Vittorio, Nicola and Voisin, Fabrice and Watson, Robert and Wicek, Francois and Zannoni, Mario and Zullo, Antonio (2019) QUBIC: Exploring the Primordial Universe with the Q&U Bolometric Interferometer. Universe, 5 (2). ISSN 2218-1997

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