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    Ralston, David A. and Egri, Carolyn P. and Furrer, Olivier and Kuo, Min-Ksun and Li, Yongjuan and Wangenheim, Florian and Dabic, Marina and Naoumova, Irina and Shimizu, Katsuhiko and de la Garza Carranza, Maria Teresa and Fu, Ping-Ping and Potocan, Vojko and Pekerti, Andre and Lenartowicz, Tomasz and Srinivasan, Narasimhan and Casado, Tania and Rossi, Ana Maria and Szabo, Erna and Butt, Arif and Palmer, Ian and Ramburuth, Prem and Brock, David and Terpstra-Tong, Jane and Grison, IIya and Reynaud, Emmanuelle and Richards, Malika and Hallinger, Philip and Castro, Francisco B. and Ruiz-Gutierrez, Jaime and Milton, Laurie and Ansari, Mahfooz and Starkus, Arunas and Mockaitis, Audra and Dalgic, Tevfik and Leon-Darder, Fidel and Vu Thanh, Hung and Moon, Yong-Lin and Molteni, Mario and Fang, Yongqing and Pla-Barber, Jose and Alas, Ruth and Maignan, Isabelle and Jesuino, Jorge C. and Lee, Chay-Hoon and Nicholson, Joel D. and Chia, Ho-Beng and Danis, Wade and Dharmasiri, Ajantha S. and Weber, Mark (2014) Societal-Level Versus Individual-Level Predictions of Ethical Behavior: A 48-Society Study of Collectivism and Individualism. Journal of Business Ethics, 122. pp. 283-306. ISSN 0167-4544

    Mockaitis, Audra and Ralston, David A. and Egri, Carolyn P. and Reynaud, Emmanuelle and Srinivasan, Narasimhan and Furrer, Olivier and Brock, David and Alas, Ruth and Wangenheim, Florian and Darder, Fidel Leon and Kuo, Christine and Potocan, Vojko and Szabo, Erna and Gutierrez, Jaime Ruiz and Pekerti, Andre and Butt, Arif and Palmer, Ian and Naoumova, Irina and Lenartowicz, Tomasz and Starkus, Arunas and Hung, Vu Thanh and Dalgic, Tevfik and Molteni, Mario and de la Garza Carranza, Maria Teresa and Maignan, Isabelle and Castro, Francisco B. and Moon, Yong-Lin and Terpstra-Tong, Jane and Dabic, Marina and Li, Yongjuan and Danis, Wade and Kangasniemi, Maria and Ansari, Mahfooz and Riddle, Liesl and Milton, Laurie and Hallinger, Philip and Elenkov, Detelin and Girson, Ilya and Gelbuda, Modesta and Ramburuth, Prem and Casado, Tania and Rossi, Ana Maria and Richards, Malika and Van Deusen, Cheryl and Fu, Ping-Ping and Man Kei Wan, Paulina and Tang, Moureen and Lee, Chay-Hoon and Chia, Ho-Beng and Fan, Yongquin and Wallace, Alan (2011) A 21st Century Assessment of Values across the Global Workforce. Journal of Business Ethics, 104 (1). pp. 1-31. ISSN 0167-454

    Harzing, Anne-Wil and Fischlmayr, Iris and Freitas, Maria Ester and Lazarova, Mila and Yaconi, Leonardo Liberman and Zhu, Ying and Søndergaard, Mikael and Piekkari, Rebecca and Barzantny, Cordula and Wittenberg, Katrin and Myloni, Barbara and Mak, Wai-Ming and Choudhury, Srabani Roy and Viswat, Linda and Mockaitis, Audra and Salciuviene, Laura and Chee Kong Low, Janaka and Gomez Lopez, Maria Soledad and Saka, Ayse and Den Hartog, Deanne and Grzesiuk, Aleksandra and Castro, Francisco B. and Roberts, Graham and Martínez, Ignacio and Zander, Lena and Sutton, Ciara and Romani, Laurence and Liang, Wen-Kuei and Uzuncarsili Soydas, Ayda and Yilmaz, Gozde and Feely, Alan and Olivas-Luján, Miguel R. and Maznevski, Martha (2005) Does the Use of English-language Questionnaires in Cross-national Research Obscure National Differences? International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 5 (2). pp. 213-224. ISSN 1470-5958

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