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    Updated Design of the CMB Polarization Experiment Satellite LiteBIRD

    Sugai, H. and Ade, P.A.R. and Akiba, Y. and Alonso, D. and Arnold, K. and Aumont, J. and Austermann, J. and Baccigalupi, C. and Banday, A.J. and Banerji, R. and Barreiro, R.B. and Basak, S. and Beall, J. and Beckman, S. and Bersanelli, M. and Borrill, J. and Boulanger, F. and Brown, M.L. and Bucher, M. and Buzzelli, A. and Calabrese, E. and Casas, F.J. and Challinor, A. and Chan, V. and Chinone, Y. and Cliche, J.-F. and Columbro, F. and Cukierman, A. and Curtis, D. and Danto, P. and De Bernardis, P. and de Haan, T. and De Petris, M. and Dickinson, C. and Dobbs, M. and Dotani, T. and Duband, L. and Ducout, A. and Duff, S. and Duivenvoorden, A. and Duval, J.M. and Ebisawa, K. and Elleflot, T. and Enokida, H. and Eriksen, H.K. and Errard, J. and Essinger-Hileman, T. and Finelli, F. and Flauger, R. and Franceschet, C. and Fuskeland, U. and Ganga, K. and Gao, J.R. and Genova-Santos, R.T. and Ghigna, T. and Gomez, A. and Gradziel, Marcin and Grain, J. and Grupp, F. and Gruppuso, A. and Gudmundsson, J.E. and Halverson, N. and Hargrave, P.C. and Hasebe, T. and Hasegawa, M. and Hattori, M. and Hazumi, M. and Henrot-Versille, S. and Herranz, D. and Hill, C. and Hilton, G. and Hirota, Y. and Hivon, E. and Hlozek, F. and Hoang, D.T. and Hubmayr, J. and Ichiki, K. and Iida, T. and Imada, H. and Ishimura, K. and Ishino, H. and Jaehnig, G. and Jones, M. and Kaga, T. and Kashima, S. and Kataoka, Y. and Katayama, N. and Kawasaki, T. and Keskitalo, R. and Kibayashi, A. and Kikuchi, T. and Kimura, K. and Kisner, T.S. and Kobayashi, Y. and Kogiso, N. and Kogut, A. and Kohri, K. and Komatsu, E. and Komatsu, K. and Konishi, K. and Krachmalnicoff, N. and Kuo, C.L. and Kurinsky, N. and Kushino, A. and Kuwata-Gonokami, M. and Lamagna, L. and Lattanzi, M. and Lee, A.T. and Linder, E. and Maffei, B. and Maino, D. and Maki, M. and Magilli, A. and Martinez-Gonzalez, E. and Masi, S. and Mathon, R. and Matsumura, T. and Mennella, A. and Migliaccio, M. and Minami, Y. and Mistuda, K. and Molinari, D. and Montier, L. and Morgante, G. and Mot, B. and Murata, Y. and Murphy, J.Anthony and Nagai, M. and Nagata, R. and Nakamura, S. and Namikawa, T. and Natoli, P. and Nerval, S. and Nishibori, T. and Nishino, H. and Nomura, Y. and Noviello, F. and O'Sullivan, Créidhe and Ochi, H. and Ogawa, H. and Ogawa, H. and Ohsaki, H. and Ohta, I. and Okada, N. and Okada, N. and Pagano, L. and Paiella, A. and Paoletti, D. and Patanchon, G. and Piacentini, F. and Pisano, G. and Polenta, G. and Poletti, D. and Prouvé, T. and Puglisi, G. and Rambaud, D. and Raum, C. and Realini, S. and Remazeilles, M. and Roudil, G. and Rubino-Martin, J.A. and Russell, M. and Sakurai, H. and Sakurai, Y. and Sandri, M. and Savini, G. and Scott, D. and Sekimoto, Y. and Sherwin, B. and Shinozaki, K. and Shiraishi, M. and Shirron, P. and Signorelli, G. and Smecher, G. and Spizzi, P. and Stever, S.L. and Stompor, R. and Sugiyama, S. and Suzuki, A. and Suzuki, J. and Switzer, E. and Takaku, R. and Takakura, H. and Takakura, S. and Takeda, Y. and Taylor, A. and Taylor, E. and Terao, Y. and Thompson, K.L. and Thorne, B. and Tomasi, M. and Tomida, H. and Trappe, Neil and Tristram, M. and Tsuji, M. and Tsujimoto, M. and Tucker, C. and Ullom, J. and Uozumi, S. and Utsunomiya, S. and Van Lanen, J. and Vermeulen, G. and Vielva, P. and Villa, F. and Vissers, M. and Vittorio, N. and Voisin, F. and Walker, I. and Watanabe, N. and Wehus, I. and Weller, J. and Westbrook, B. and Winter, B. and Wollack, E. and Yamamoto, R. and Yamasaki, N.Y. and Yanagisawa, M. and Yoshida, T. and Yumoto, J. and Zannoni, M. and Zonca, A. (2020) Updated Design of the CMB Polarization Experiment Satellite LiteBIRD. Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 199. pp. 1107-1117. ISSN 0022-2291

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    Recent developments of transition-edge sensors (TESs), based on extensive experience in ground-based experiments, have been making the sensor techniques mature enough for their application on future satellite cosmic microwave background (CMB) polarization experiments. LiteBIRD is in the most advanced phase among such future satellites, targeting its launch in Japanese Fiscal Year 2027 (2027FY) with JAXA’s H3 rocket. It will accommodate more than 4000 TESs in focal planes of reflective low-frequency and refractive medium-and-high-frequency telescopes in order to detect a signature imprinted on the CMB by the primordial gravitational waves predicted in cosmic inflation. The total wide frequency coverage between 34 and 448 GHz enables us to extract such weak spiral polarization patterns through the precise subtraction of our Galaxy’s foreground emission by using spectral differences among CMB and foreground signals. Telescopes are cooled down to 5 K for suppressing thermal noise and contain polarization modulators with transmissive half-wave plates at individual apertures for separating sky polarization signals from artificial polarization and for mitigating from instrumental 1/f noise. Passive cooling by using V-grooves supports active cooling with mechanical coolers as well as adiabatic demagnetization refrigerators. Sky observations from the second Sun–Earth Lagrangian point, L2, are planned for 3 years. An international collaboration between Japan, the USA, Canada, and Europe is sharing various roles. In May 2019, the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA, selected LiteBIRD as the strategic large mission No. 2.

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    Keywords: Satellite; Cosmic microwave background; Polarization; Inflation; Primordial gravitational wave; LiteBIRD;
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