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    Seddon, Alistair W.R. and Mackay, Anson W. and Baker, Ambroise G. and Birks, H. John B. and Breman, Elinor and Buck, Caitlin E. and Ellis, Erle C. and Froyd, Cynthia A. and Gill, Jacquelyn L. and Gillson, Lindsey and Johnson, Edward A. and Jones, Vivienne and Juggins, Steve and Macias-Fauria, Marc and Mills, Keely and Morris, Jesse L. and Nogués-Bravo, David and Punyasena, Surangi W. and Roland, Thomas P. and Tanentzap, Andrew J. and Willis, Kathy J. and Aberhan, Martin and van Asperen, Eline N. and Austin, W.E.N. and Battarbee, Rick W. and Bhagwat, Shonil and Belanger, Christina L. and Bennett, Keith D. and Birks, Hilary H. and Bronk Ramsey, Christopher and Brooks, Stephen J. and de Bruyn, Mark and Butler, Paul G. and Chambers, Frank M. and Clarke, Stewart J. and Davies, Althea L. and Dearing, John A. and Ezard, Thomas H.G. and Feurdean, Angelica and Flower, Roger J. and Gell, Peter and Hausmann, Sonja and Hogan, Erika J. and Hopkins, Melanie J. and Jeffers, Elizabeth S. and Korhola, Atte A. and Marchant, Robert and Kiefer, Thorsten and Lamentowicz, Marisuz and Larocque-Tobler, Isabelle and López-Merino, Lourdes and Liow, Lee H. and McGowan, Suzanne and Miller, Joshua H. and Montoya, Encarni and Morton, Oliver and Nogué, Sandra and Onoufriou, Chloe and Boush, Lisa P. and Rodriguez- Sanchez, Francisco and Rose, Neil L. and Sayer, Carl D. and Shaw, Helen E. and Payne, Richard and Simpson, Gavin and Sohar, Kadri and Whitehouse, Nicki J. and Williams, John W. and Witkowski, Andrzej (2014) Looking forward through the past: identification of 50 priority research questions in palaeoecology. Journal of Ecology, 102 (1). pp. 256-267. ISSN 0022-0477

    Scourse, J.D. and Kennedy, H. and Scott, Gillian and Austin, W.E.N. (2004) Stable isotopic analyses of modern benthic foraminifera from seasonally stratified shelf seas:d isequilibria and the 'seasonal effect'. Holocene, 14 (5). pp. 747-758. ISSN 0959-6836

    Scott, Gillian and Scourse, J.D. and Austin, W.E.N. (2003) The Distribution of Benthic Foraminifera in the Celtic Sea: The Significance of Seasonal Stratification. Journal of Foraminiferal Research, 33 (1). pp. 32-61. ISSN 0096-1191

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