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    De Bernardis, P. and Ade, P.A.R. and Baselmans, J.J.A. and Battistelli, E.S. and Benoit, A. and Bersanelli, M. and Bideaud, A. and Calvo, M. and Charles, I. and Colantoni, I. and Coppolecchia, Alessandro and Crook, M. and D'Alessandro, Giuseppe and De Petris, M. and Delabrouille, J. and Doyle, S. and Franceschet, C. and Gomez, A. and Goupy, J. and Hanany, S. and Hills, M. and Lamagna, L. and Macias-Perez, J.F. and Maffei, B. and Martin, S. and Martinez-Gonzalez, E. and Masi, S. and McCarthy, D. and Mennella, A. and Monfardini, A. and Noviello, F. and Paiella, A. and Piacentini, F. and Piat, M. and Pisano, G. and Signorelli, G. and Tan, C.Y. and Tartari, A. and Trappe, Neil and Triqueneaux, S. and Tucker, C. and Vermeulen, G. and Young, K. and Zannoni, M. and AchĂșcarro, A. and Allison, R. and Ashdown, M. and Ballardini, M. and Banday, A.J. and Banerji, R. and Bartlett, J. and Bartolo, N. and Basak, S. and Bonaldi, A. and Bonato, M. and Borrill, J. and Bouchet, F. and Boulanger, F. and Brinckmann, M. and Bucher, M. and Burigana, C. and Buzzelli, A. and Cai, Z.Y. and Carvalho, C.S. and Challinor, A. and Chluba, J. and Clesse, S. and de Gasperis, G. and de Zotti, G. and Di Valentino, E. and Diego, J.M. and Errard, J. and Feeney, S. and Fernandez-Cobos, R. and Finelli, F. and Forastieri, F. and Galli, S. and Genova-Santos, R.T. and Gerbino, M. and Gonzalez-Nuevo, J. and Hagstotz, S. and Greenslade, J. and Handley, W. and Hernandez-Monteagudo, C. and Hervias-Caimapo, C. and Hivon, E. and Kiiveri, K. and Kisner, T.S. and Kitching, T. and Kunz, M. and Kurki-Suonio, H. and Lasenby, A. and Lattanzi, M. and Lesgourgues, J. and Lewis, A. and Liguori, M. and Lindholm, V. and Luzzi, G. and Martins, C.J.A.P. and Melchiorri, A. and Melin, J.-B. and Molinari, D. and Natoli, P. and Negrello, M. and Notari, A. and Paoletti, D. and Patanchon, G. and Polastri, L. and Polenta, G. and Pollo, A. and Poulin, V. and Quartin, M. and Remazeilles, M. and Roman, M. and Rubino-Martin, J.A. and Salvati, L. and Tomasi, M. and Tramonte, D. and Trombetti, T. and Valiviita, J. and van de Weygaert, R. and Van Tent, B. and Vennin, V. and Vielva, P. and Vittorio, N. (2018) Exploring Cosmic Origins with CORE: The Instrument. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 4 (015). ISSN 1475-7516

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