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    Aatrokoski, J. and Ade, P.A.R. and Aghanim, N. and Aller, H.D. and Aller, M.F. and Angelakis, E. and Arnaud, M. and Ashdown, M. and Aumont, J. and Baccigalupi, C. and Balbi, A. and Banday, A.J. and Barreiro, R.B. and Bartlett, J.G. and Battaner, E. and Benabed, K. and Benoit, A. and Berdyugin, A. and Bernard, J.-P. and Bersanelli, M. and Bhatia, R. and Bonaldi, A. and Bonavera, L. and Bond, J.R. and Borrill, J. and Bouchet, F.R. and Bucher, M. and Burigana, C. and Burrows, D.N. and Cabella, P. and Capalbi, B. and Cappellini, B. and Cardoso, J.-F. and Catalano, A. and Cavazzuti, E. and Cayon, L. and Challinor, A. and Chamballu, A. and Chary, R.-R. and Chiang, L.-Y. and Christensen, P.R. and Clements, D.L. and Colafrancesco, S. and Colombi, S. and Couchot, F. and Coulais, A. and Cutini, S. and Cuttaia, F. and Danese, L. and Davies, R.D. and Davis, R.J. and De Bernardis, P. and de Gasperis, G. and de Rosa, A. and de Zotti, G. and Delabrouille, J. and Delouis, J.-M. and Dickinson, C. and Dole, H. and Donzelli, S. and Dore, O. and Dorl, U. and Douspis, M. and Dupac, X. and Efstathiou, G. and Enßlin, T.A. and Finelli, F. and Forni, O. and Frailis, M. and Franceschi, E. and Fuhrmann, L. and Galeotta, S. and Ganga, K. and Gargano, K. and Gasparrini, D. and Gehrels, N. and Giard, M. and Giardino, G. and Giglietto, N. and Giommi, P. and Giordano, F. and Giraud-Héraud, Y. and Gonzalez-Nuevo, J. and Gorski, K.M. and Gratton, S. and Gregorio, A. and Grupposo, A. and Harrison, D. and Henrot-Versille, S. and Herranz, D. and Hildebrandt, S.R. and Hivon, E. and Hobson, M. and Holmes, W.A. and Hovest, W. and Hoyland, R.J. and Huffenberger, K.M. and Jaffe, A.H. and Juvela, M. and Keihanen, E. and Keskitalo, R. and King, O. and Kisner, T.S. and Kneissl, R. and Knox, L. and Krichbaum, T.P. and Kurki-Suonio, H. and Lagache, G. and Lahteenmaki, A. and Lamarre, J.-M. and Lasenby, A. and Laureijs, R.J. and Lavonen, N. and Lawrence, C.R. and Leach, S. and Leonardi, R. and Leon-Tavares, J. and Linden-Vornle, M. and Lindfors, E. and Lopez-Caniego, M. and Lubin, P.M. and Macias-Perez, J.F. and Maffei, B. and Maino, D. and Mandolesi, N. and Mann, R. and Maris, M. and Martinez-Gonzalez, E. and Masi, S. and Massardi, M. and Matarrese, S. and Matthai, F. and Max-Moerbeck, W. and Mazziotta, M.N. and Mazzotta, P. and Melchiorri, A. and Mendes, L. and Mennella, A. and Michelson, P.F. and Mingaliev, M. and Mitra, S. and Miville-Deschenes, M.-A. and Moneti, A. and Monte, C. and Montier, L. and Morgante, G. and Mortlock, D. and Munshi, D. and Murphy, J.Anthony and Naselsky, P. and Natoli, P. and Nestoras, I. and Netterfield, C.B. and Nieppola, K. and Nilsson, K. and Norgaard-Nielsen, H.U. and Noviello, F. and Novikov, D. and Novikov, I. and O'Dwyer, S. and Osborne, S. and Pajot, F. and Partridge, B. and Pasian, F. and Patanchon, G. and Pavlidou, V. and Pearson, T.J. and Perdereau, O. and Perotto, L. and Perri, M. and Perrotta, F. and Piacentini, F. and Piat, M. and Plaszczynski, S. and Platania, P. and Pointecouteau, E. and Polenta, G. and Ponthieu, N. and Poutanen, T. and Prezeau, G. and Procopio, P. and Prunet, S. and Puget, J.-L. and Rachen, J.P. and Raino, S. and Reach, W.T. and Readhead, A. and Rebolo, R. and Reeves, R. and Reinecke, M. and Reinthal, R. and Renault, C. and Ricciardi, S. and Richards, J. and Riller, T. and Riquelme, D. and Ristorcelli, I. and Rocha, G. and Rosset, C. and Rowan-Robinson, M. and Rubino-Martin, J.A. and Rusholme, B. and Saarinen, J. and Sandri, M. and Savolainen, P. and Scott, D. and Seiffert, M.D. and Sievers, A. and Sillanpaa, A. and Smoot, G.F. and Sotnikova, Y. and Starck, J.-L. and Stevenson, M. and Stivoli, F. and Stolyarov, V. and Sudiwala, R. and Sygnet, J.-F. and Takalo, L. and Tammi, J. and Tauber, J.A. and Terenzi, L. and Thompson, D.J. and Toffolatti, L. and Tomasi, M. and Tornikoski, M. and Torre, J.-P. and Tosti, A. and Tramacere, M. and Tristram, M. and Tuovinen, J. and Turler, M. and Turunen, M. and Umana, G. and Ungerechts, H. and Valenziano, L. and Valtaoja, E. and Varis, J. and Verrecchia, F. and Vielva, P. and Villa, F. and Vittorio, N. and Wandelt, B.D. and Wu, J. and Yvon, D. and Zacchei, A. and Zensus, J.A. and Zhou, X. and Zonca, A. (2011) Planck early results. XV. Spectral energy distributions and radio continuum spectra of northern extragalactic radio sources. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 536 (A15). pp. 1-56. ISSN 0004-6361

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