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    de Assis, Leandro José and Silva, Lilian Pereira and Bayram, Ozgur and Dowling, Paul and Kniemeyer, Olaf and Krüger, Thomas and Brakhage, Axel A. and Chen, Yingying and Dong, Liguo and Tan, Kaeling and Wong, Koon Ho and Ries, Laure N. A. and Goldman, Gustavo H. and Fischer, Reinhard (2021) Carbon Catabolite Repression in Filamentous Fungi Is Regulated by Phosphorylation of the Transcription Factor CreA. mBio, 12 (1). pp. 1-21. ISSN 2161-2129

    Frawley, Dean and Stroe, Maria C. and Oakley, Berl and Heinekamp, Thorsten and Straßburger, Maria and Fleming, Alastair B. and Brakhage, Axel A. and Bayram, Ozgur (2020) The Pheromone Module SteC-MkkB-MpkB-SteD-HamE Regulates Development, Stress Responses and Secondary Metabolism in Aspergillus fumigatus. Frontiers in Microbiology, 11 (811). ISSN 1664-302X

    Manfiolli, Adriana Oliveira and Alves de Castro, Patricia and Fernanda dos Reis, Thaila and Dolan, Stephen K. and Doyle, John and Jones, Gary W. and Riano-Pachon, Diego Mauricio and Ulas, Mevlut and Noble, Luke M. and Mattern, Derek J. and Brakhage, Axel A. and Valiante, Vito and Silva-Rocha, Rafael and Bayram, Ozgur and Goldman, Gustavo H. (2017) Aspergillus fumigatus protein phosphatase PpzA is involved in iron assimilation, secondary metabolite production, and virulence. Cellular Microbiology, 19 (e12770). ISSN 1462-5822

    de Vries, Ronald and Riley, Robert and Wiebenga, Ad and Aguilar-Osorio, Guillermo and Amillis, Sotiris and Akemi Uchima, Cristiane and Anderluh, Gregor and Asadollahi, Mojtaba and Askin, Marion and Barry, Kerrie and Battaglia, Evy and Bayram, Ozgur and Benocci, Tiziano and Braus-Stromeyer, Susanna A. and Caldana, Camila and Canovas, David and Cerqueira, Gustavo C. and Chen, Fusheng and Chen, Wanping and Choi, Cindy and Clum, Alicia and Correa dos Santos, Renato Augusto and de Lima Damasio, Andre Ricardo and Diallinas, George and Emri, Tamas and Fekete, Erzsebet and Flipphi, Michel and Freyberg, Susanne and Gallo, Antonia and Gournas, Christos and Habgood, Rob and Hainaut, Matthieu and Harispe, Maria Laura and Henrissat, Bernard and Hilden, Kristiina S. and Hope, Ryan and Hossain, Abeer and Karabika, Eugenia and Karaffa, Levente and Karanyi, Zsolt and Krasevec, Nada and Kuo, Alan and Kusch, Harald and LaButti, Kurt and Lagendijk, Ellen L. and Lapidus, Alla and Levasseur, Anthony and Lindquist, Erika and Lipzen, Anna and Logrieco, Antonio F. and MacCabe, Andrew and Makela, Miia R. and Malavazi, Iran and Melin, Petter and Meyer, Vera and Mielnichuk, Natalia and Miskei, Marton and Molnar, Akos P. and Mule, Giuseppina and Ngan, Chew Yee and Orejas, Margarita and Orosz, Erzsebet and Ouedraogo, Jean Paul and Overkamp, Karin M. and Park, Hee-Soo and Perrone, Giancarlo and Piumi, Francois and Punt, Peter J. and Ram, Arthur F.J. and Ramon, Ana and Rauscher, Stefan and Record, Eric and Riano-Pachon, Diego Mauricio and Robert, Vincent and Rohrig, Julian and Ruller, Roberto and Salamov, Asaf and Salih, Nadhira S. and Samson, Rob A. and Sandor, Erzsebet and Sanguinetti, Manuel and Schutze, Tabea and Sepcic, Kristina and Shelest, Ekaterina and Sherlock, Gavin and Sophianopoulou, Vicky and Squina, Fabio M. and Sun, Hui and Susca, Antonia and Todd, Richard B. and Tsang, Adrian and Unkles, Sheila E. and van de Wiele, Nathalie and van Rossen-Uffink, Diana and Velasco de Castro Oliveria, Juliana and Vesth, Tammi C. and Visser, Jaap and Yu, Jae-Hyuk and Zhou, Miamiao and Andersen, Mikael R. and Archer, David B. and Baker, Scott E. and Benoit, Isabelle and Brakhage, Axel A. and Braus, Gerhard H. and Fischer, Reinhard and Frisvad, Jens C. and Goldman, Gustavo H. and Houbraken, Jos and Oakley, Berl and Pocsi, Istvan and Scazzocchio, Claudio and Seiboth, Bernhard and vanKuyk, Patricia A. and Wortman, Jennifer and Dyer, Paul S. and Grigoriev, Igor V. (2017) Comparative genomics reveals high biological diversity and specific adaptations in the industrially and medically important fungal genus Aspergillus. Genome Biology, 18 (1). pp. 1-45. ISSN 1465-6906

    Johnk, Bastian and Bayram, Ozgur and Abelman, Anja and Heinekamp, Thorsten and Mattern, Derek J. and Brakhage, Axel A. and Jacobsen, Ilse D. and Valerius, Oliver and Braus, Gerhard H. (2016) SCF Ubiquitin Ligase F-box Protein Fbx15 Controls Nuclear Co-repressor Localization, Stress Response and Virulence of the Human Pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus. PLoS Pathogens, 12 (9). ISSN 1553-7374

    Medema, M.H. and Kottmann, R. and Yilmaz, P. and Cummings, M. and Biggins, J.B. and Blin, K. and de Bruijn, I. and Chooi, Y.H. and Claesen, J. and Coates, R.C. and Cruz-Morales, P. and Duddela, S. and Düsterhus, S. and Edwards, D.J. and Fewer, D.P. and Garg, N. and Geiger, C. and Gomez-Escribano, J.P. and Greule, A. and Hadjithomas, M. and Haines, A.S. and Helfrich, E.J. and Hillwig, M.L. and Ishida, K. and Jones, A.C. and Jones, C.S. and Jungmann, K. and Kegler, C. and Kim, H.U. and Kötter, P. and Krug, D. and Masschelein, J. and Melnik, A.V. and Mantovani, S.M. and Monroe, E.A. and Moore, M. and Moss, N. and Nützmann, H.W. and Pan, G. and Pati, A. and Petras, D. and Reen, F.J. and Rosconi, F. and Rui, Z. and Tian, Z. and Tobias, N.J. and Tsunematsu, Y. and Wiemann, P. and Wyckoff, E. and Yan, X. and Yim, G. and Yu, F. and Xie, Y. and Aigle, B. and Apel, A.K. and Balibar, C.J. and Balskus, E.P. and Barona-Gómez, F. and Bechthold, A. and Bode, H.B. and Borriss, R. and Brady, S.F. and Brakhage, Axel A. and Caffrey, P. and Cheng, Yo and Clardy, J. and Cox, R.J. and De Mot, R. and Donadio, S. and Donia, M.S. and van der Donk, W.A. and Dorrestein, P.C. and Doyle, Sean and Driessen, A.J. and Ehling-Schulz, M. and Entian, K.D. and Fischbach, M.A. and Gerwick, L. and Gerwick, W.H. and Gross, H. and Gust, B. and Hertweck, C. and Höfte, M. and Jensen, S.E. and Ju, J. and Katz, L. and Kaysser, L. and Klassen, J.L. and Keller, N.P. and Kormanec, J. and Kuipers, O.P. and Kuzuyama, T. and Kyrpides, N.C. and Kwon, H.J. and Lautru, S. and Lavigne, R. and Lee, C.Y. and Linquan, B. and Liu, X. and Liu, W. and Luzhetskyy, A. and Mahmud, T. and Mast, Y. and Méndez, C. and Metsä-Ketelä, M. and Micklefield, J. and Mitchell, D.A. and Moore, B.S. and Moreira, L.M. and Muller, R. and Neilan, B.A. and Nett, M. and Nielsen, J. and O'Gara, F. and Oikawa, H. and Osbourn, A. and Osburne, M.S. and Ostash, B. and Payne, S.M. and Pernodet, J.L. and Petricek, M. and Piel, J. and Ploux, O. and Raaijmakers, J.M. and Salas, J.A. and Schmitt, E.K. and Scott, B. and Seipke, R.F. and Shen, B. and Sherman, D.H. and Sivonen, K. and Smanski, M.J. and Sosio, M. and Stegmann, E. and Süssmuth, R.D. and Tahlan, K. and Thomas, C.M. and Tang, Y. and Truman, A.W. and Viaud, M. and Walton, J.D. and Walsh, C.T. and Weber, T. and van Wezel, G.P. and Wilkinson, B. and Willey, J.M. and Wohlleben, W. and Wright, G.D. and Ziemert, N. and Zhang, C. and Zotchev, S.B. and Breitling, R. and Takano, E. and Glöckner, F.O. (2015) Minimum Information about a Biosynthetic Gene cluster. Nature Chemical Biology, 11 (9). pp. 625-631. ISSN 1552-4469

    Brakhage, Axel A. and Sarikaya Bayram, Özlem and Bayram, Ozgur and Valerius, Oliver and Park, Hee Soo and Irniger, Stefan and Gerke, Jennifer and Ni, Min and Han, Kap-Hoon and Yu, Jae-Hyuk and Braus, Gerhard H. (2010) LaeA Control of Velvet Family Regulatory Proteins for Light-Dependent Development and Fungal Cell-Type Specificity. PLoS Genetics, 6 (12). e1001226. ISSN 1553-7404

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