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    Pallonetto, Fabiano and Jin, Changhong and Mangina, Eleni (2022) Forecast electricity demand in commercial building with machine learning models to enable demand response programs. Energy and AI, 7 (100121). ISSN 26665468

    Kiviluoma, Juha and Pallonetto, Fabiano and Marin, Manuel and Savolainen, Pekka T. and Soininen, Antti and Vennström, Per and Rinne, Erkka and Huang, Jiangyi and Kouveliotis-Lysikatos, Iasonas and Ihlemann, Maren and Delarue, Erik and O’Dwyer, Ciara and O’Donnel, Terence and Amelin, Mikael and Söder, Lennart and Dillon, Joseph (2022) Spine Toolbox: A flexible open-source workflow management system with scenario and data management. SoftwareX, 17. p. 100967. ISSN 23527110

    Pallonetto, Fabiano and De Rosa, Mattia and Finn, Donal P. (2021) Impact of intelligent control algorithms on demand response flexibility and thermal comfort in a smart grid ready residential building. Smart Energy, 2 (100017). ISSN 26669552

    Pallonetto, Fabiano and De Rosa, Mattia and Finn, Donal P. (2020) Environmental and economic benefits of building retrofit measures for the residential sector by utilizing sensor data and advanced calibrated models. Advances in Building Energy Research. ISSN 1756-2201

    Pallonetto, Fabiano and Galvani, Marta and Torti, Agostino and Vantini, Simone (2020) A Framework for Analysis and Expansion of Public Charging Infrastructure under Fast Penetration of Electric Vehicles. World Electric Vehicle, 11 (1). p. 18. ISSN 2032-6653

    Pallonetto, Fabiano and De Rosa, Mattia and D'Ettorre, Francesco and Finn, Donal P. (2020) On the assessment and control optimisation of demand response programs in residential buildings. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 127 (109861). ISSN 1364-0321

    Pallonetto, Fabiano and De Rosa, Matteo and Milano, Federico and Finn, Donal P. (2019) Demand response algorithms for smart-grid ready residential buildings using machine learning models. Applied Energy, 239. pp. 1265-1282. ISSN 0306-2619

    Bampoulas, Adamantios and Saffari, Mohammad and Pallonetto, Fabiano and Mangina, Eleni and Finn, Donal P. (2019) Self-Learning Control Algorithms for Energy Systems Integration in the Residential Building Sector. 2019 IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT). pp. 815-818.

    Pallonetto, Fabiano and Mangina, Eleni and Milano, Federico and Finn, Donal P. (2019) SimApi, a smartgrid co-simulation software platform for benchmarking building control algorithms. SoftwareX, 9. pp. 271-281. ISSN 2352-7110

    Egan, James and Finn, Donal and Deogene Soares, Pedro Henrique and Rocha Baumann, Victor Andreas and Aghamolaei, Reihaneh and Beagon, Paul and Neu, Olivier and Pallonetto, Fabiano and O’Donnell, James (2018) Definition of a useful minimal-set of accurately-specified input data for Building Energy Performance Simulation. Energy and Buildings, 165. pp. 172-183. ISSN 03787788

    de Oliveira da Costa, Paulo Roberto and Mauceri, Stefano and Carroll, Paula and Pallonetto, Fabiano (2018) A Genetic Algorithm for a Green Vehicle Routing Problem. Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 64. pp. 65-74. ISSN 15710653

    Pallonetto, Fabiano and Oxizidis, Simeon and Milano, Federico and Finn, Donal (2016) The effect of time-of-use tariffs on the demand response flexibility of an all-electric smart-grid-ready dwelling. Energy and Buildings, 128. pp. 56-67. ISSN 03787788

    Pallonetto, Fabiano and Mangina, Eleni and Finn, Donal and Wang, Fangyijie and Wang, Apache (2014) A restful API to control a energy plus smart grid-ready residential building. Proceedings of the 1st ACM Conference on Embedded Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings. pp. 180-181.

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