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    Lis, D.C. and Pearson, J.C. and Neufeld, D.A. and Schilke, P. and Muller, H.S.P. and Gupta, H. and Bell, T.A. and Comito, C. and Phillips , T.G. and Bergin, E.A. and Ceccarelli, C. and Goldsmith, P.F. and Blake, G.A. and Bacmann, A. and Baudry, A. and Benedettini, M. and Benz, A.O. and Black, J. and Boogert, A. and Bottinelli, S. and Cabrit, S. and Caselli, P. and Castets, A. and Caux, E. and Cernicharo, J. and Codella, C. and Coutens, A. and Crimier, N. and Crockett, N.R. and Daniel, F. and Demyk, K. and Dominic, C. and Dubernet, M.-L. and Emprechtinger, M. and Encrenaz, P. and Falgarone, E. and Fuente, A. and Gerin, M. and Giesen, T.F. and Goicoechea, J.R. and Helmich, F. and Hennebelle, P. and Henning, Th. and Herbst, E. and Hily-Blant, P. and Hjalmarson, A. and Hollenbach, D. and Jack, T. and Joblin, C. and Johnstone, D. and Kahane, C. and Kama, M. and Kaufman, M. and Klotz, A. and Langer, W.D. and Larsson, B. and Le Bourlot, J. and Lefloch, B. and Le Petit, F. and Li, D. and Liseau, R. and Lord, S.D. and Lorenzani, A. and Maret, S. and Martin, P.G. and Melnick, G.J. and Menten, K.M. and Morris, P. and Murphy, J.Anthony and Nagy, Z. and Nisini, B. and Ossenkopf, V. and Pacheco, S. and Pagani, L. and Parise, B. and Perault, M. and Plume, R. and Qin, S.-L. and Roueff, E. and Salez, M. and Sandqvist, A. and Saraceno, P. and Schlemmer, S. and Schuster, K. and Snell, R. and Stutzki, J. and Tielens, A. and Trappe, Neil and van der Tak, F.F.S. and van der Wiel, M. and van Dishoeck, E.F. and Vastel, C. and Viti, S. and Wakelam, V. and Walters, A. and Wang, S. and Wyrowski, F. and Yorke, H.W. and Yu, S. and Zmuidzinas, J. and Delorme, Y. and Desbat, J.-P. and Gustens, R. and Krieg, J.-M. and Delforge, B. (2010) Herschel/HIFI discovery of interstellar chloronium (H2Cl+). Astronomy & Astrophysics, 521 (L9). pp. 1-5. ISSN 0004-6361

    van Kempen, T.A. and Kristensen, L.E. and Herczeg, G.J. and Visser, R. and van Dishoeck, E.F. and Wampfler, S.F. and Bruderer, S. and Benz, A.O. and Doty, S.D. and Brinch, C. and Hogerheijde, M.R. and Jorgensen, J.K. and Tafalla, M. and Neufeld, D. and Bachiller, R. and Baudry, A. and Benedettini, M. and Bergin, E.A. and Bjerkeli, P. and Blake, G.A. and Bontemps, S. and Braine, J. and Caselli, P. and Cernicharo, J. and Codella, C. and Daniel, F. and Di Giorgio, A.M. and Dominik, C. and Encrenaz, P. and Fich, M. and Fuente, A. and Giannini, T. and Goicoechea, J.R. and de Graauw, Th. and Helmich, F. and Herpin, F. and Jacq, T. and Johnstone, D. and Kaufman, M.J. and Larsson, B. and Lis, D.C. and Liseau, R. and Marseille, M. and McCoey, C. and Melnick, G. and Nisini, B. and Olberg, M. and Parise, B. and Pearson, J.C. and Plume, R. and Risacher, C. and Santiago-Garcia, J. and Saraceno, P. and Shipman, R. and van der Tak, F.F.S. and Wyrowski, F. and Yildiz, U.A. and Ciechanowicz, M. and Dubbeldam, L. and Glenz, S. and Huisman, R. and Lin, R.H. and Morris, P. and Murphy, J.Anthony and Trappe, Neil (2010) Origin of the hot gas in low-mass protostars, Herschel-PACS spectroscopy of HH 46. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 518 (L.121). pp. 1-6. ISSN 0004-6361

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