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    André, P. and Baccigalupi, C. and Banday, A.J. and Barbosa, D. and Barreiro, B. and Bartlett, J. and Bartolo, N. and Battistelli, E. and Battye, R. and Bendo, G. and Benoit, A. and Bernard, J.-P. and Bersanelli, M. and Béthermin, M. and Bielewicz, P. and Bonaldi, A. and Bouchet, F.R. and Brand, J. and Bucher, M. and Burigana, C. and Cai, Z.Y. and Camus, P. and Casas, F.J. and Casasola, V. and Castex, G. and Challinor, A. and Chluba, J. and Chon, G. and Colafrancesco, S. and Comis, B. and Cuttaia, F. and D'Alessandro, Giuseppe and Da Silva, A. and Davis, R.J. and de Avillez, M. and De Bernardis, P. and De Petris, M. and de Rosa, A. and de Zotti, G. and Delabrouille, J. and Desert, F.-X. and Dickinson, C. and Diego, J.M. and Dunkley, J. and Enßlin, T.A. and Errard, J. and Falgarone, E. and Ferreira, P. and Ferrière, K. and Finelli, F. and Fletcher, A. and Fosalba, P. and Fuller, G. and Galli, S. and Ganga, K. and García-Bellido, J. and Ghribi, A. and Giard, M. and Giraud-Héraud, Y. and Gonzalez-Nuevo, J. and Grainge, K.J.B. and Gruppuso, A. and Hall, Alex and Hamilton, J.-Ch. and Haverkorn, M. and Hernandez-Monteagudo, C. and Herranz, D. and Jackson, M. and Jaffe, A.H. and Khatri, R. and Kunz, M. and Lamagna, L. and Lattanzi, M. and Leahy, P. and Lesgourgues, J. and Liguori, M. and Liuzzo, E. and Lopez-Caniego, M. and Macias-Perez, J.F. and Maffei, B. and Maino, D. and Mangilli, A. and Martinez-Gonzalez, E. and Martins, C.J.A.P. and Masi, S. and Massardi, M. and Matarrese, S. and Melchiorri, A. and Melin, J.-B. and Mennella, A. and Mignano, A. and Miville-Deschenes, M.-A. and Monfardini, A. and Murphy, J.Anthony and Naselsky, P. and Nati, F. and Natoli, P. and Negrello, M. and Noviello, F. and O'Sullivan, Créidhe and Paci, F. and Pagano, L. and Paladino, R. and Palanque-Delabrouille, N. and Paoletti, D. and Peiris, H. and Perrotta, F. and Piacentini, F. and Piat, M. and Piccirillo, L. and Pisano, G. and Polenta, G. and Pollo, A. and Ponthieu, N. and Remazeilles, M. and Ricciardi, S. and Roman, M. and Rosset, C. and Rubino-Martin, J.A. and Salatino, M. and Schillaci, A. and Shellard, P. and Silk, J. and Starobinsky, Alexei A. and Stompor, R. and Sunyaev, R. and Tartari, A. and Terenzi, L. and Toffolatti, L. and Tomasi, M. and Trappe, Neil and Tristram, M. and Trombetti, T. and Tucci, M. and van de Weijgaert, R. and Van Tent, B. and Verde, L. and Vielva, P. and Wandelt, B.D. and Watson, Robert and Withington, Stafford (2014) PRISM (Polarized Radiation Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission): an extended white paper. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 2014 (6). ISSN 1475-7516

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