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    Riva, Valentina and Garbelli, Anna and Casiraghi, Federica and Arena, Francesca and Trivisani, Claudia Immacolata and Gagliardi, Assunta and Bini, Luca and Schroeder, Martina and Maffia, Antonio and Sabbioneda, Simone and Maga, Giovanni (2020) Novel alternative ribonucleotide excision repair pathways in human cells by DDX3X and specialized DNA polymerases. Nucleic Acids Research, 48 (20). pp. 11551-11565. ISSN 0305-1048

    Kumawat, Lokesh Kumar and Abogunrin, Anthony and Kickham, Michelle and Pardeshi, Jyotsna and Fenelon, Orla and Schroeder, Martina and Elmes, Robert B.P. (2019) Squaramide—Naphthalimide Conjugates as “Turn-On” Fluorescent Sensors for Bromide Through an Aggregation-Disaggregation Approach. Frontiers in Chemistry, 7. ISSN 2296-2646

    Fullam, Anthony and Gu, Lili and Höhn, Yvette and Schroeder, Martina (2018) DDX3 directly facilitates IKKα activation and regulates downstream signalling pathways. Biochemical Journal, 475. pp. 3595-3607. ISSN 0264-6021

    Brennan, Ruth and Haap-Hoff, Antje and Gua, Lili and Gautier, Virginie and Long, Aideen and Schroeder, Martina (2018) Investigating nucleo-cytoplasmic shuttling of the human DEAD-box helicase DDX3. European Journal of Cell Biology, 97 (7). pp. 501-511. ISSN 0171-9335

    Gu, Lili and Fullam, Anthony and McCormack, Niamh and Höhn, Yvette and Schroeder, Martina (2017) DDX3 directly regulates TRAF3 ubiquitination and acts as a scaffold to coordinate assembly of signalling complexes downstream of MAVS. Biochemical Journal, 474 (4). pp. 571-587. ISSN 0264-6021

    Vogel, Simone Z. and Schlickeiser, Stephan and Jurchott, Karsten and Akyuez, Levent and Schumann, Julia and Appelt, Christine and Vogt, Katrin and Schroeder, Martina and Vaeth, Martin and Berberich-Siebelt, Friederike and Lutz, Manfred B. and Grutz, Gerald and Sawitzki, Birgit (2015) TCAIM Decreases T Cell Priming Capacity of Dendritic Cells by Inhibiting TLR-Induced Ca2+ Influx and IL-2 Production. Journal of Immunology, 1 (194). pp. 3136-3146. ISSN 0022-1767

    Collins, Aideen S. and Ahmed, Suaad and Napoletano, Silvia and Schroeder, Martina and Johnston, James A. and Hegarty, John E. and O'Farrelly, Cliona and Stevenson, Nigel J. (2014) Hepatitis C virus (HCV)-induced suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS) 3 regulates proinflammatory TNF-α responses. Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 96 (2). pp. 255-263. ISSN 0741-5400

    Fullam, Anthony and Schroeder, Martina (2013) DExD/H-box RNA helicases as mediators of anti-viral innate immunity and essential host factors for viral replication. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Proteins and Proteomics, 1829. pp. 854-865. ISSN 1570-9639

    Gu, Lili and Fullam, Anthony and Brennan, Ruth and Schroeder, Martina (2013) Human DEAD Box Helicase 3 Couples IκB Kinase ε to Interferon Regulatory Factor 3 Activation. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 33 (10). pp. 2004-2015. ISSN 0270-7306

    Bruni, Daniela and Sebastia, Jordi and Dunne, Susan and Schroeder, Martina and Butler, Marion P. (2013) A Novel IRAK1–IKKԑ Signaling Axis Limits the Activation of TAK1–IKKb Downstream of TLR3. Journal of Immunology, 190. pp. 2844-2856. ISSN 0022-1767

    Schroeder, Martina (2011) Viruses and the human DEAD-box helicase DDX3: inhibition or exploitation? Biochemical Society Transactions, 39 (2). pp. 679-683. ISSN 0300-5127

    Schroeder, Martina (2010) Human DEAD-box protein 3 has multiple functions in gene regulation and cell cycle control and is a prime target for viral manipulation. Biochemical Pharmacology, 79 (3). pp. 297-306. ISSN 0006-2952,

    Naundorf, Sandra and Schroeder, Martina and Hoflich, Conny and Nimisha, Suman and Hans-Dieter, Volk and Grutz, Gerald (2009) IL-10 interferes directly with TCR-induced IFN-c but not IL-17 production in memory T cells. European Journal of Immunology, 39. pp. 1066-1077. ISSN 1521-4141

    Kalverda, Arnout P. and Thompson, Gary S. and Vogel, Andre and Schroeder, Martina and Bowie, Andrew G. and Khan, Amir R. and Homans, Steve W. (2009) Poxvirus K7 Protein Adopts a Bcl-2 Fold: Biochemical Mapping of Its Interactions with Human DEAD Box RNA Helicase DDX3. Journal of Molecular Biology, 385 (3). pp. 843-853. ISSN 0022-2836

    Shun-ichiro, Oda and Schroeder, Martina and Khan, Amir R. (2009) Structural Basis for Targeting of Human RNA Helicase DDX3 by Poxvirus Protein K7. Structure, 11 (17). pp. 1528-1537. ISSN 0969-2126

    Schroeder, Martina and Baran, Marcin and Bowie, Andrew G. (2008) Viral targeting of DEAD box protein 3 reveals its role in TBK1/IKKε-mediated IRF activation. The EMBO Journal, 27. pp. 2147-2157. ISSN 0261-4189

    Schroeder, Martina and Bowie, Andrew G. (2005) TLR3 in antiviral immunity: key player or bystander? Trends in Immunology, 26 (9). pp. 462-468. ISSN 1471-4906

    Maloney, Geraldine and Schroeder, Martina and Bowie, Andrew G. (2005) Vaccinia Virus Protein A52R Activates p38 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase and Potentiates Lipopolysaccharide-induced Interleukin-10. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 280 (35). ISSN 0021-9258

    Stack, Julianne and Haga, Ismar R. and Schroeder, Martina and Bartlett, Nathan W. and Maloney, Geraldine and Reading, Patrick C. and Fitzgerald, Katherine A. and Smith, Geoffrey L. and Bowie, Andrew G. (2005) Vaccinia virus protein A46R targets multiple Toll-like–interleukin-1 receptor adaptors and contributes to virulence. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 201 (6). pp. 1007-1018. ISSN 0022-1007

    Schroeder, Martina and Kroeger, Karen M. and Hans-Dieter, Volk and Eidne, Karin A. and Grutz, Gerald (2004) Preassociation of nonactivated STAT3 molecules demonstrated in living cells using bioluminescence resonance energy transfer: a new model of STAT activation? Journal Of Leukocyte Biology, 75. pp. 792-797. ISSN 1938-3673

    Schroeder, Martina and Meisel, Christian and Buhl, Katharina and Profanter, Nina and Sievert, Nadine and Volk, Hans-Dieter and Grutz, Gerald (2003) Different Modes of IL-10 and TGF-β to Inhibit Cytokine-Dependent IFN-γ Production: Consequences for Reversal of Lipopolysaccharide Desensitization. Journal of Immunology, 170. pp. 5260-5267. ISSN 0022-1767

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