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    Mountford, Nicola and Zubiete, Enrique Dorronzoro and Finnegan-Kessie, Threase and Garcia-Zapirain, Begonya and Nuño-Solinís, Roberto and Coyle, David and Munksgaard, Kristin B. and Fernandez-Luque, Luis and Romero, Octavio Rivera and Fernandez, Matilde Mora and Jimenez, Pedro Valero and Daly, Ailish and Whelan, Ruth and Caulfield, Brian (2018) Activating Technology for Connected Health in Cancer: Protocol for a Research and Training Program. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 20 (1). e14. ISSN 1929-0748

    Whelan, Ruth (2016) The Paradoxes of Preaching in Print: Seeing and Believing in the Sermons of Jacques Abbadie. Irish Journal of French Studies, 16. pp. 87-105. ISSN 1649-1335

    Whelan, Ruth (2013) Proposants et hommes de lettres en formation : la correspondance entre Paul Bauldry et Élie Bouhéreau (1662-1683). Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français, 159 (1). pp. 93-113. ISSN 0037-9050

    Whelan, Ruth (2011) The extraordinary voyage of Élie Neau (1662c - 1722), naturalized Englishman and French Protestant galley slave. Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 29 (4). pp. 499-527. ISSN 0309-8346

    Whelan, Ruth (2010) La correspondance d'Élie Bouhéreau (1643-1719) : les années folâtres. Littératures classiques, 71. pp. 91-112. ISSN 0992-5279

    Whelan, Ruth (2010) Résistance et spiritualité dans les témoignages des galériens pour la foi. Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français (1903-2015), 156. pp. 231-246. ISSN 0037-9050

    Whelan, Ruth (2007) The Huguenots and the imaginative geography of Ireland: a planned immigration Scheme in the 1680s. Irish Historical Studies, 35 (140). pp. 477-495. ISSN 0021-1214

    Whelan, Ruth (2006) Book Review: Raymond Hylton. Ireland's Huguenots and Their Refuge, 1662-1745: An Unlikely Haven. Brighton and Portland, OR: Sussex Academic Press, 2005. Pp. xiii, 226. $69.50 (us). The International History Review, 28 (4). pp. 827-831. ISSN 0707-5332

    Whelan, Ruth (2006) Reading the Bible in early eighteenth-century Dublin. The Huguenot pastor Henri de Rocheblave (1665-1709). Eighteenth-Century Ireland / Iris an dá chultúr, 21. pp. 9-26.

    Whelan, Ruth (1993) Reason and belief: the Bayle-Jacquelot debate. Rivista di Storia della Filosofia, 48 (1). pp. 101-110. ISSN 0393-2516

    Whelan, Ruth (1992) From Christian apologetics to Enlightened deism: the case of Jacques Abbadie (1656-1727). Modern Language Review, 87 (1). pp. 32-40. ISSN 0026-7937

    Whelan, Ruth (1992) The Bayle correspondence. Studies on Voltaire and the eighteenth century: Transactions of the Eight International Congress on the Enlightenment, 305. pp. 1802-1807. ISSN 0435-2866

    Whelan, Ruth (1990) Images de la Réforme chez Pierre Bayle ou l'histoire d'une déception. Revue de Théologie et de Philosophie Troisième série, 122 (1). pp. 85-107. ISSN 00351784

    Whelan, Ruth (1988) The Wage of Sin is Orthodoxy: The Confessions of Saint Augustine in Bayle's Dictionnaire. Journal of the History of Philosophy, 26 (2). pp. 195-206. ISSN 0022-5053

    Book Section

    Whelan, Ruth (2015) Mysticism in captivity. Élie Neau, French Protestant galley slave. In: Mysticism in the French Tradition. Eruptions from France. Ashgate, Farnham and Burlington, pp. 221-242. ISBN 9781472439390

    Whelan, Ruth (2014) Parle-moi, car j’ai peur : parole et confiance dans l’Histoire des Souffrances d’Élie Neau, galérien protestant. In: Risquer la confiance. Éditions Aphil-Presses universitaires suisses, Neuchâtel, pp. 59-73. ISBN 9782889300129

    Whelan, Ruth (2007) From the other side of silence: Huguenot life-writing, a dialogic art of narrating the self. In: Narrating the Self in Early Modern Europe: European Connections. Peter Lang, pp. 139-160. ISBN 978-3-03910-740-7

    Tribout, Bruno and Whelan, Ruth (2007) Introduction: Seeing through a glass darkly. In: Narrating the Self in Early Modern Europe: European Connections. Peter Lang, pp. 11-23. ISBN 978-3-03910-740-7

    Whelan, Ruth (2004) Marsh's Library and the French Calvinist Tradition: The Manuscript Diary of Élie Bouhéreau (1643-1719). In: The Making of Marsh's Library: Learning, Politics and Religion in Ireland, 1650-1750. Four Courts Press, Dublin and Portland, pp. 209-234.

    Whelan, Ruth (2004) One of our Own,1973-7. In: A Danger to the Men? A History of Women in Trinity College Dublin 1904-2004. The Lilliput Press, pp. 279-287.

    Whelan, Ruth (2003) Repressive toleration: the Huguenots in early eighteenth-century Dublin. In: Toleration and Religious Identity: The Edict of Nantes and its Implications in France, Britain and Ireland. Four Courts Press, Dublin, pp. 179-196. ISBN 1851824811

    Whelan, Ruth (2003) Republic of Letters. In: Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 436-440. ISBN 9780195104318

    Whelan, Ruth (1998) Sanctified by the Word: The Huguenots and Anglican Liturgy. In: Progagating the Word of Irish Dissent 1650-1800. Four Courts Press Ltd., pp. 74-94. ISBN 1-85182-411-1

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