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    Lebech, Mette (2017) Europe and Human Dignity. A Steinian Discussion of Josef Ratzinger's Understanding of Europe. Studia Nauk Teologicznych, 12. pp. 233-248. ISSN 1896-3226

    Lebech, Mette (2016) Uma abordagem steiniana da demencia. Teologia em Questão. pp. 197-212. ISSN 1677-2091

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    Lebech, Mette (2006) Book Review: Who am I? Experiences of Donor Conception. Yearbook of the Irish Philosophical Society (2009). pp. 245-248. ISSN 978-0-9531706-8-5

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    Lebech, Mette (1997) A Report from Denmark: Anonymity and informed consent in artificial procreation. Bioethics, 11 (3&4). pp. 336-340. ISSN 0269-9702

    Book Section

    Lebech, Mette (2019) Essence, eidos, and dialogue in Stein’s ‘Husserl and Aquinas. A Comparison’. In: The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy. Routledge, London, pp. 22-36. ISBN 9780429061158

    Lebech, Mette (2018) Edith Stein and Martin Heidegger: On the Meaning of Being. In: Listening to Edith Stein. ICS Publications, Washington DC, pp. 213-236. ISBN 978-1-939272-45-4

    Lebech, Mette (2018) Europe and Human Dignity. A Steinian discussion of Joseph Ratzinger's reflections on the problems faced by Europe today. In: Edith Stein. Europe and its Identity. Europa und seine Identität. Traugott Bautz, Nordhausen, pp. 259-268. ISBN 9783959483629

    Lebech, Mette (2017) Europa i godnosc czlowieka. Analiza mysli Jezefa Ratzingera dotyczaca przyslosci Europy w swietele filozofii Edyty Stein. In: Edyta Stein Europa I jej Tozsamosc. Papieski Wydzial Teologiczny, Wroclaw, pp. 167-175. ISBN 978-83-63642-60-0

    Lebech, Mette (2017) Psychische Gesundheit und Krankheit bei Edith Stein. In: Edith Steins Herausforderung heutiger Anthropologie. BeundBe, Heligenkreuz, pp. 188-202. ISBN 978-3-903118-37-9

    Lebech, Mette (2017) Stein’s Understanding of Mental Health and Mental Illness. In: Empathy, Sociality, and Personhood. Springer, pp. 107-123. ISBN 978-3-319-71095-2

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    Lebech, Mette (2009) Four Competing Conceptions of Human Dignity in Europe. In: Europäische Menschenbilder. Thelem, Dresden, pp. 83-92. ISBN 9783939888505

    Lebech, Mette (2006) Edith Stein’s Philosophy of Education in The Structure of the Human Person. In: Perspectives on the Meaning and Value of Higher Education from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, A special issue of Maynooth Philosophical Papers. Faculty of Philosophy NUIM, pp. 163-177. ISBN 0901519766

    Lebech, Mette (2004) Personal Friends. In: In Amor Amicitia: On the Love that is Friendship. Essays in Medieval Thought and Beyond, in Honor of the Rev. Professor James McEvoy. Recherches de Théologie et Philosophie médiévales, Bibliotheca 6. Peeters, Leuven, pp. 225-239. ISBN 9-04291-395-9

    Lebech, Mette (2002) Towards a Definition of Human Dignity. In: La cutura della vita: Fondamenti e dimensioni, supplemento al volume degli atti della VIIa Assemblea Generale. Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Rome, pp. 87-101.

    Lebech, Mette (2002) Why does John Paul II refer to Edith Stein in Fides et Ratio? In: The Challenge of Truth: reflections on Fides et ratio. Veritas, Dublin, pp. 154-180. ISBN 9781853906954

    Lebech, Mette (2000) Clarification of the notion of dignity. In: Dignity of the Dying Person, Proceedings of the Fifth General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life. Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Rome, pp. 441-458. ISBN 10: 8820928744


    Lebech, Mette (2003) Metaphysics I. Documentation. Philosophy Department, NUI Maynooth. (Unpublished)

    Lebech, Mette (2003) Moral Philosophy I. Documentation. Philosophy Department, NUI Maynooth. (Unpublished)


    Lebech, Mette (2020) Marius Sitsch: Liebe und Einsamkeit. Komplemetaere Gegebenheitsweisen des Anderen nach Edith Stein und Jean-Paul Sartre. Nordhausen: Traugott Bautz Verlag, 2018, 189 S. Echter, Wuerzburg - Muenchen - Wien.

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