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    Barnes-Holmes, Dermot and Browne, Mary and Smeets, Paul M. and Roche, Bryan (1995) A transfer of functions and a conditional transfer of functions through equivalence relations in three to six year old children. The Psychological record. ISSN 0033-2933

    Barrett, Michael J. (1995) The Impact of Streaming on Post-Primary Students' Attitudes to Teachers, Motivation and Learning. Masters thesis, National University of Ireland Maynooth.

    Boel, Rene K. and Moore, John B. and Dey, Subhrakanti (1995) Geometric convergence of filters for hidden Markov models. In: Proceedings of 1995 34th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. IEEE, pp. 69-74. ISBN 0780326857

    Breathnach, Proinnsias (1995) Uneven Development and Irish Peripheralisation. In: Development Ireland. Pluto Press, pp. 15-26. ISBN 0-7453-0999-2

    Brophy, Edward F (1995) The Poor Law Union and the Famine in Carlow 1845-1847. Masters thesis, National University of Ireland Maynooth.

    Brunsdon, Chris (1995) Estimating probability surfaces for geographical point data: An adaptive kernel algorithm. Computers and Geosciences, 21 (7). pp. 877-894. ISSN 0098-3004

    Buckley, Stephen M. and Koskela, P. (1995) Sobolev-Poincaré implies John. Mathematical Research Letters (MRL), 2 (5). pp. 577-594. ISSN 1073-2780

    Buckley, Stephen M. and Koskela , P. and Lu, G. (1995) Subelliptic Poincaré inequalities: the case p < 1. Publicacions Matemàtiques, 39 (2). pp. 313-334. ISSN 0214-1493

    Buckley, Stephen M. (1995) Pointwise multipliers for reverse Hölder spaces II. Mathematical Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 95A. pp. 193-204. ISSN 1393-7197


    Cawley, Michael F. and Weekes, T.C. (1995) Instrumentation for very high energy gamma-ray astronomy. Experimental Astronomy, 6 (1-2). pp. 7-42. ISSN 0922-6435

    Clynes, M. and Heenan, M.M. and McBride, Shirley and Cleary, I.M. and Doherty, G. and O'Driscoll, L. and Moran, E. (1995) Multiple drug resistance in variants of a human lung cell line exposed to adriamycin and VP-16. Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research. pp. 15-16. ISSN 0392-9078

    Coen, Enrico S. and Nugent, Jacqueline M. and Luo, Da and Bradley, Desmond and Cubas, Pilar and Chadwick, Mark and Copsey, Lucy and Carpenter, Rosemary (1995) Evolution of floral symmetry. Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences, 350 (1331). pp. 35-38. ISSN 0962-8436

    Comerford, R.V. and Corbett, Thomas and Corish, Patrick J. and Cosgrove, Brian and Faj, Attila and Heffernan, Daniel M. (1995) Beyond the Library walls: John Paul II annual lectures. Other. UNSPECIFIED, Maynooth.

    Connor, Gregory (1995) Cash Management for Index Tracking. Financial Analyts Journal, 50. pp. 75-80. ISSN 0015-198X

    Connor, Gregory (1995) The Three Types of Factor Models: A Comparison of Their Explanatory Power. Financial Analysts Journal, 50. pp. 42-46. ISSN 0015-198X

    Cook, Dianne and Buja, Andreas and Cabrera, Javier and Hurley, Catherine B. (1995) Grand Tour and Projection Pursuit. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 4 (3). pp. 155-172. ISSN 1061-8600

    Corkery, Padraig (1995) Ethics for Health Care. Furrow (46). pp. 407-415.

    Cox, Laurence (1995) Towards a sociology of counter cultures? Ireland: emerging perspectives. Emma McKenna and Roger O'Sullivan (eds.). pp. 15-24.


    Deane, C.R. and Fuller, M.P. and Dix, Philip (1995) Selection of hydroxyproline-resistant proline-accumulating mutants of cauliflower. C.R. Deane, M .P. Fuller' & P.J. Dix. Euphytica, 85. pp. 329-334.

    Denman, Peter (1995) Book Reviews: On Ballycastle Beach; Against Piety: Essays in Irish Poetry; Heart of Hearts;. UNSPECIFIED.

    Devereux, Michael and Curran, Martin and McCann, Malachy and Casey, Michael T. and McKee, Vickie (1995) Synthesis and catalase activity of manganese (ii) complexes of cis-5-norbornene-endo-2, 3-dicarboxylic acid (ndaH2): x-ray crystal structure of [Mn(qb11-nda)(phen)2]• EtOH'H20 (phen = 1,10-phenanthroline). Polyhedron, 14 (15-16). pp. 2247-2253.

    Devereux, Michael and Curran, Martin and McCann, Malachy and Casey, Michael T. and McKee, Vickie (1995) Synthesis and catalase activity of manganese(II) complexes of cis-5-norbornene-Endo-2,3-dicarboxylic acid (ndaH2): X-ray crystal structure of [Mn(η1η1-nda)(phen)2]·EtOH·H2O (phen = 1,10-phenantholine). Polyhedron, 14 (15-16). pp. 2247-2253. ISSN 0277-5387

    Devereux, Michael and McCann, Malachy and Casey, Michael T. and Curran, Martin and Ferguson, George and Cardin, Christine and Convery, Moira and Quillet, Valerie (1995) Binuclear and Polymeric Manganese (II) Salicylate Complexes: Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Catalytic Activity of [Mn2(Hsal)4(H2O)4] and [{Mn2(sal)2(Hsal)(H2O)-(H3O)(py)4-2py}2n] (H2sal=salicylic acid, py=pyridine). Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 1. pp. 771-776.

    Dey, Subhrakanti and Moore, John B. (1995) Risk-sensitive filtering and smoothing for hidden Markov models. Systems & Control Letters, 25 (5). pp. 361-366. ISSN 0167-6911

    Dolan, Brian P. (1995) Chaotic behavior of renormalization flow in a complex magnetic field. Physical Review E, 52 (4). pp. 4512-4515. ISSN 1063-651X

    Dolan, Brian P. (1995) Co-variant Derivatives And The Renormalisation Group Equation. Working Paper. arXiv.

    Dolan, Brian P. (1995) Symplectic geometry and Hamiltonian flow of the renormalisation group equation. Working Paper. arXiv.

    Dowling, Thomas and O'Farrell, Anthony G. (1995) Affine transformations and analytic capacities. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 347. pp. 2643-2655. ISSN 0002-9947

    Duffy, P.J. (1995) Perspectives on the making of the Cavan landscape. In: Cavan: essays on the history of an Irish county. Irish Academic Press, Dublin, pp. 14-36. ISBN 0-7165-2554-2


    El-Tom, Abdullahi and Nur El-Dayem, Osman (1995) The Informal Channels of Indigenous Tenants in Coping with the Inefficient Bureaucracy of the Gezira Scheme, Sudan. GeoJournal, 36 (1). pp. 79-85. ISSN 0343-2521


    Fagan, Honor (1995) Culture, Politics,and Irish School Dropouts. Constructing Political Identities. Bergin & Garvey.

    Flynn, M. and Ringwood, John (1995) A comparative study of delta- and z-based output feedback pole placement adaptive controllers. In: Proceedings of the Irish DSP and Control Colloquium (IDSPCC '95). Belfast, June 1995, pp. 47-54.

    Fogarty, Sheila (1995) Convergence or Consequentialism: A study of health policy towards drug users in two countries. Masters thesis, Pontifical University, St Patrick's College, Maynooth.


    Gibson, Paul J. (1995) A Geological Guide to St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Other. St. Patrick's College, Maynooth.

    Gray, Patty A. and Schweitzer, Peter P. (1995) Chukchis. In: Supplement to the Modern Encyclopedia of Russian, Soviet and Eurasian History. Academic International Press, pp. 79-84. ISBN 0-87569-142-0


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    Hill, Jeremy N. and Perutz, Robin N. and Rooney, A. Denise (1995) Laser-Induced Fluorescence of Rhenocene in Low-Temperature Matrices: Selective Excitation and Emission. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 99. pp. 531-537. ISSN 1089-5639

    Holland, Finbarr and Walsh, David (1995) Moser's Inequality for a class of integral operators. Studia Mathematica, 113 (2). pp. 141-166. ISSN 0039-3223

    Hurley, Catherine B. and Modarres, Reza (1995) Low-Storage Quantile Estimation. Computational Statistics, 10 (4). ISSN 0943-4062


    Kelleher, Margaret (1995) Anthony Trollope's Castle Richmond: Famine Narrative and "Horrid Novel"? Irish University Review, 25 (2). pp. 242-262.

    Kelly, Adrian (1995) Social Security in Independent Ireland, 1922-52. PhD thesis, National University of Ireland Maynooth.

    Kitchin, Rob (1995) Assessing the configurational knowledge of people with visual impairments or blindness. Swansea Geographer, 32. pp. 14-24. ISSN 0081-9980

    Kitchin, Rob (1995) Investigating the cognitive strategies of spatial thought. Swansea Geographer, 32. pp. 71-78. ISSN 0081-9980

    Kitchin, Rob (1995) Strange bedfellows: geography and psychology. Geographical Magazine, 67 (9). p. 10. ISSN 0016-741X

    Kitchin, Rob and Sykes, Lisa (1995) Invisible geography on the internet. Geographical magazine, 67 (11). pp. 22-24. ISSN 0016-741X

    Klima, Milos and Dvorak, Pavel and Rott, Jiri and McKenna-Lawlor, Susan and Gleeson, Daniel and Keating, John (1995) Experimental Model of a Combined Optical Processing System. In: Proceedings. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 29th Annual 1995 International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology, 1995. IEEE, pp. 388-390.

    Krishnamurthy, Vikram and Dey, Subhrakanti and LeBlanc, James P (1995) Blind Equalization of IIR Channels Using Hidden Markov Models and Extended Least Squares. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 43 (12). pp. 2994-3006. ISSN 1053-587X


    Lankford, Eamonn (1995) Logainmneacha Chléire, Co. Chorcaí. PhD thesis, National University of Ireland Maynooth.

    Lonergan, T. and Ringwood, John (1995) Linguistic Modelling of Short-Timescale Electricity Consumption Using Fuzzy Modelling Techniques. In: Proceedings of the Irish DSP and Control Colloquium (IDSPCC '95). Belfast, June 1995.

    Lyons, Mary Ann (1995) Maynooth: A Select Bibliography of Printed Sources. Irish Historical Studies, 29 (116). pp. 441-474. ISSN 0021-1214


    MacLachlan, Malcolm and Banda, Dixie Maluwa and McAuliffe, Eilish (1995) Epidemic psychological disturbance in a Malawian secondary school: a case study in social change. Psychology and Developing Societies. ISSN 0971-3336

    MacLachlan, Malcolm and Nyirenda, T and Nyando, C (1995) Attributions for admission to Zomba Mental Hospital: implications for the development of mental health services in Malawi. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 41 (2). pp. 79-87. ISSN 0020-7640

    Mahon, Bernard P. and Katrak, Kersi and Nomoto, Akio and Macadam, Andrew J. and Minor, Philip D. and Mills, Kingston H.G. (1995) Poliovirus-spectfic CD4 + Thl Clones with Both Cytotoxic and Helper Activity Mediate Protective Humoral Immunity against a Lethal Poliovirus Infection in Transgenic Mice Expressing the Human Poliovirus Receptor. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 181. pp. 1285-1292. ISSN 0022-1007

    Matthews, Ann (1995) Cumann na Mban 1913-26 Redressing the Balance. Masters thesis, National University of Ireland Maynooth.

    McCann, Malachy and Cronin, James F. and Devereux, Michael and Ferguson, George (1995) Copper(II) Complexes of Heptanedioic Acid(hdaH2) and Octanedioic Acid (odaH2): X-Ray Crystal Structures of [Cu(112-hda)(phen)i] · 11.73H2O and [Cu(112-oda)(phen)i] · 12H2O (phen = 1,10-Phenanthroline). Polyhedron, 14 (17-18). pp. 2379-2387. ISSN 0277-5387

    McCann, Malachy and Cronin, James F. and Devereux, Michael and McKee, Vickie and Ferguson, George (1995) Mononuclear and binuclear copper(II) complexes of benzene-1,2-dioxyacetic acid (bdoaH2) : X-ray crystal structures of [Cu(bdoa)(C6H5NH2)2]2C6H5NH2 and [Cu2(bdoa)(bipy)4] bdoa·8.66H2O ((C6H5NH2 = ANILINE, bipy = 2,2′-bipyridine). Polyhedron, 14 (23-24). pp. 3617-3626. ISSN 0277-5387

    McCann, Malachy and Maddock, Kenneth (1995) Photooxidation of (±)-2-butanol to 2-butanone using polyoxomolybdate(VI) catalysts: A clean and high yield route. Polyhedron, 14 (20-21). pp. 2919-2923. ISSN 0277-5387

    McCann, Malachy and Maddock, Kenneth and Cardin, Christine and Convery, Moira and Ferguson, George (1995) Synthesis and X-ray crystal structure of the triethylammonium magnesium β-octamolybdate(VI) salt [Et3NH]2[Mg(H2O)6Mo8O26]·2H2O. Polyhedron, 14 (23-24). pp. 3655-3659. ISSN 0277-5387

    McDermott, Helen (1995) A History of Maynooth College Chapel: 1845 to 1905. Masters thesis, National University of Ireland Maynooth.

    McInerney, James O. and Wilkinson, Mark and Patching, John W. and Embley, T. Martin and Powell, Richard (1995) Recovery and Phylogenetic Analysis of Novel Archaeal rRNA Sequences from a Deep-Sea Deposit Feeder. Applied and Environmental Microbiology (AEM), 61 (4). pp. 1646-1648. ISSN 1098-5336

    McKenna-Lawlor, Susan (1995) Pioneering Spirit in Space Exploration. Education. pp. 2-3.

    Moore, John B. and Elliott, Robert J. and Dey, Subhrakanti (1995) Risk Sensitive Generalization of Minimum Variance Estimation and Control. IFAC Proceedings Volumes, 28 (14). pp. 423-428. ISSN 1474-6670

    Mulligan, F.J. and Galligan, J.M. (1995) Mesopause temperatures calculated from the O2(a1 Δg) twilight airglow emission recorded at Maynooth (53.2˚N, 6.4˚W). Annales Geophysicae, 13. pp. 558-566.

    Mulligan, F.J. and Horgan, D.F. and Galligan, J.G. and Griffin, E.M. (1995) Mesopause temperatures and integrated band brightnesses calculated from airglow OH emissions recorded at Maynooth (53.2°N, 6.4°W) during 1993. Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics, 57 (13). pp. 1623-1637.

    Munck, Ronaldo and Fagan, Honor (1995) Development Discourses: Conservative, Radical and Beyond. In: Development Ireland: Contemporary Issues. Pluto Press, pp. 110-121. ISBN 9780745309989

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